What are the qualifying events to get coverage outside of open enrollment?

You move to a new area that offers you different plans, or isn't covered by your HMO network.

You get married

You have or legally adopt a child

You lose other coverage due to job loss, decrease in work hours, end of COBRA coverage, or other reasons

Your income changes,or some other event changes your income or household status

You become a US citizen

You can prove that you health insurance company has violated their contract with you

You are no longer covered on a family member's policy because you turn 26, have legally separated or divorced your spouse, or the policy holder has passed away/

You are a member of an American Indian or Alaskan Native Tribe

* Please note that voluntarily cancelling your health coverage, having the plan cancelled because you did not pay.  or your plan does not meet requirements set by the Affordable Care Act are NOT considered loss of coverage. 

Do you offer Group Benefit Options for Businesses?

A complete and resounding, YES! We help simplify the insurance process for business owners and HR managers. We will take care of enrollment, activations, cancellations and COBRA paperwork and enrollment for you. 

Is your question not here?

Fill out the form on the contact us page or give one of our agents a call and we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

When Is open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment will be from November 15, 2014 until February 15, 2015

How do I find out if I qualify for a government subsidy?

Go ahead and click Quote Now! on the tabs above and run a quote, or call us at (806) 331-4899 and we will work with you to see if you qualify for any subsidies and help lead you through the process of applying. 

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Can I change my home insurance if my payment is escrow'd? 

Absolutely! Let us shop for you and see if we can get you better coverage! Give us a call! (806) 331-6538

What do I do if I need to file a claim?

Make sure to swap all information at the scene and get some witness's names and phone numbers. Then give us a call. We will help walk you through the claim process. 

How do I get discounts on my auto or home insurance?

There are so many discounts out there and available to you! We represent many carriers and they all have discounts. Multi-Car, Good Driver, Paperless Billing, Home and Auto, Teenage Drivers, Motorcycle Safety; just a few examples of the discounts that could be available to you!

Do I really need Liability coverage for my Business?

YES!! a loss can occur on your very first day or many years down the road, but every day you operate without liability coverage you risk your livelihood. Remember also, many states, landlords, and businesses you provide services to will require you to carry insurance. 

When I rent a car, do I need to buy the Insurance sold by the Rental Company?

Usually, No. Your coverage follows you, which is why the rental company asks for your car insurance. While extra protection is always nice, it is important to understand that the rental company will go after your insurance before they will go for the rental insurance.  

Why do I need Renters Insurance?

While it is true that your apartment complex will be insured, that means that what they own is insured... not what you own. If, for example, your apartment catches fire. The apartment insurance will be responsible for rebuilding the apartment, however, your tv that exploded and the curtains that are non existent anymore are of no consequence to the apartment complex insurance. Renter's coverage covers you, the tenet's, possessions. 

Property & Casualty

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